This is my grandma’s cutting board. One side is pocked from pounding abalone, the other scarred from hundreds of meals. Now it lives in my kitchen, an heirloom. Feeding people is an essential part of my work. I am in service to the home cook and the restaurateur and everyone who values a thoughtful meal. The objects I craft are intended for use, for care, and to be with you for a lifetime. They are intended to be shared with your family and friends, to be gathered around, to connect over.

I built this table with wood salvaged from a house fire. My great-grandfather had built the house on the Russian River in the 50’s. When it burned down several years ago I was heart broken. I was able to bring some part of it back to life with these pieces. I eat at this table, and my great grandfather is there. The house he built has a new life.

Everything I make has a past. The wood is salvaged or comes from a fallen tree. Everything I make is one of a kind and made by hand. I choose to showcase the natural beauty of the wood including knots, blemishes and color variation that you would not find in machine-manufactured products.

I work earnestly in a tiny studio on Hendley Street, in Santa Rosa California. I am an autodidact, though heavily influenced by home cooking, slow living, and recycling. Contact me!